Mei-chin Yin
Name Mei-chin Yin
Job title Professor
Education Ph.D., University of Connecticut, USA
TEL +886-4-23323456#1726
Lab H41G-2
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2021 Chun-Che Lin、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、Chia-Yu Chen、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Combination of s-methyl cysteine and protocatechuic acid provided greater lipid-lowering and anti-inflammatory effects in mice liver against chronic alcohol consumption, Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, vol.24 pp.1146-1152, 2021
2021 Sheng-lei Yan、黃晉修(Chin-Shiu Huang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Oridonin attenuates chronic alcohol consumption induced oxidative, glycative and inflammatory injury in mice liver, IN VIVO, vol.35 pp.2141-2149, 2021
2021 Li-Wei Hsiao、Gregory J. Tsay、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Wen-Hu Liu、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Aqueous extract prepared from steamed red Amaranth (Amaranthus gangeticus L.) leaves protected human lens cells against high glucose induced glycative and oxidative stress, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.86 pp.3686-3697, 2021
2020 楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、吳文慈(Wen-Tzu Wu)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Phytochemical profile and anti-diabetic benefits of two edible Amaranthus species, CyTA-Journal of Food, vol.18 no.1 pp.94-101, 2020
2020 Huey-Liang Kuo、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Hung-Chih Chen、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, s-Ethyl cysteine, an amino acid derivative, attenuated cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity, AMINO ACIDS, vol.52 no.- pp.1181-1190, 2020
2019 Pei-ying Pai、蒙美津(Mei-chin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-cheng Yang)、Yin-tso Liu、王智弘(Zhi-hong Wang)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Anti-Diabetic Effects of Gynura Bicolor Aqueous Extract in Mice, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.84 no.- pp.1631-1637, 2019
2019 Yan Sheng-lei、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、蒙美津(Mong Mei-Chin)、楊雅甄(Yang Ya-chen)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Combination of carnosine and asiatic acid provided greater anti-inflammatory protection for HUVE cells and diabetic mice than individual treatments of carnosine or asiatic acid alone, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.126 no.- pp.192-198, 2019
2019 I-ching Chou、蒙美津(Mei-chin Mong)、Chih-lung Lin、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Greater protective potent of s-methyl cysteine and syringic acid combination for NGF-differentiated PC12 cells against kainic acid-induced injury, International Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.16 pp.1180-1187, 2019
2019 Kuan-Ho Lin、Chien-Yu Li、Yuan-Man Hsu、Chang-Hai Tsai、Fuu-Jen Tsai、Chih-Hsin Tang、Jai-Sing Yang、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Oridonin, a natural diterpenoid, protected NGF-differentiated PC12 cells against MPP+- and kainic acid-induced injury, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.133 no.- pp.110765-, 2019
2018 王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Asiatic acid and maslinic acid attenuated kainic acid-induced seizure through decreasing hippocampal inflammatory and oxidative stress, EPILEPSY RESEARCH, vol.139 no.- pp.28-34, 2018
2018 殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)、Chiung-Hung Chang、Chiu-Hsian Su、Bi Yu、Yuan-Man Hsu(Yuan-Man Hsu)*, Pteris multifida, Cortex phellodendri, and probiotics attenuated inflammatory status and immunity in mice with a Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium infection, BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, vol.82 no.5 pp.836-847, 2018
2018 吳文慈(Wen-Tzu Wu)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Aqueous and ethanol extracts of daylily flower (Hemerocallis fulva L.) protect HUVE cells against high glucose, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.83 no.5 pp.1463-1469, 2018
2018 楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Content of nitric oxide and glycative compounds in cured meat products-Negative impact upon health, BioMedicine, vol.8 no.2 pp.28-33, 2018
2017 殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)*、Wen-hu Liu、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Aqueous extract of Gynura bicolor attenuated hepatic steatosis, glycative, oxidative and inflammatory injury induced by chronic ethanol consumption in mice, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.82 no.11 pp.2746-2751, 2017
2016 徐成金(Cheng-chin Hsu)、Hui-ting Yang、Jing-jing Ho、殷梅津*, Houttuynia cordata aqueous extract attenuated glycative and oxidative stress in heart and kidney of diabetic mice, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.55 pp.845-854, 2016
2016 趙佩君(Pei-chun Chao)、Hsiang-lin Lee、殷梅津*, Asiatic acid attenuated apoptotic and inflammatory stress in striatum of MPTP-treated mice, Food & Function, vol.7 pp.1999-2005, 2016
2016 夏德椿(Te-chun Hsia)、殷梅津*、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Advanced glycation end-products enhance lung cancer cell invasion and migration, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.17 no.- pp.1289-, 2016
2016 夏德椿(Te-chun Hsia)、殷梅津*, Post-intake of s-Ethyl Cysteine and s-Methyl Cysteine Improved LPS-induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice, Nutrients, vol.8 no.- pp.507-, 2016
2015 Pei-chun Chao、殷梅津*、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Anti-apoptotic and anti-glycative effects of asiatic acid in brain of d-galactose treated mice, Food & Function, vol.6 no.- pp.542-548, 2015
2015 Shih-ming Tsao、殷梅津*, Anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory protection of three triterpenic acids in normal human bronchial epithelial cells, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.63 no.- pp.3196-3204, 2015
2015 Yi-chih Hung、Hui-ting Yang、殷梅津*, Asiatic acid and maslinic acid protected heart via anti-glycative and anti-coagulatory activities in diabetic mice, Food & Function, vol.6 no.- pp.2967-2974, 2015
2015 Te-chun Hsia、殷梅津*, s-Ethyl Cysteine and s-Methyl Cysteine Protect Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells Against Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Injury, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.80 no.9 pp.2094-2101, 2015
2015 楊玉婉(Yu-wan Yang)、Chia-wen Tsai、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、殷梅津*, Maslinic acid protected PC12 cells differentiated by nerve growth factor against beta-amyloid induced apoptosis, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.63 pp.10243-10249, 2015
2015 徐媛曼(Yuan-Man Hsu)、Yi-chih Hung、Lihong Hu、Yi-ju Lee、殷梅津*, Anti-diabetic effects of madecassic acid and rotundic acid, Nutrients, vol.7 pp.10065-10075, 2015
2014 Chien-yi Chan、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、Wen-hu Liu、Chun-yin Huang、殷梅津*, Three pentacyclic triterpenes protect H9c2 cardiomyoblast cells against high glucose induced injury, FREE RADICAL RESEARCH, vol.48 no.- pp.402-411, 2014
2014 Chun-lin Liu、Te-chun Hsia、殷梅津*, S-Methyl cysteine enhanced survival of nerve growth factor differentiated PC12 cells under hypoxic condition, Food & Function, vol.5 no.- pp.1125-1131, 2014
2014 Sheng-lei Yan、Hui-ting Yang、Yi-ju Lee、Chun-che Lin、Ming-hui Chang、殷梅津*, Asiatic acid ameliorates hepatic lipid accumulation and insulin resistance in mice consuming high fat diet, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.62 no.- pp.4625-4631, 2014
2014 Zhi-hong Wang、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、Wen-hu Liu、殷梅津*, Glycyrrhizic acid attenuated glycative stress in kidney of diabetic mice through enhancing glyoxalase pathway, MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH, vol.58 no.- pp.1426-1435, 2014
2014 Shih-ming Tsao、Te-chun Hsia、殷梅津*, Protocatechuic acid inhibits lung cancer cells by modulating FAK, MAPK, and NF-κB pathways, NUTRITION AND CANCER-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, vol.66 no.- pp.1331-1341, 2014
2014 Sheng-lei Yan、Hui-ting Yang、Hsiang-lin Lee、殷梅津*, Protective effects of maslinic acid against alcohol-induced acute liver injury in mice, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.74 no.- pp.149-155, 2014
2014 Chun-che Lin、Sheng-lei Yan、殷梅津*, Inhibitory effects of maslinic acid upon human esophagus, stomach and pancreatic cancer cells, Journal of Functional Foods, vol.11 no.- pp.581-588, 2014
2014 Te-chun Hsia、Wen-hu Liu、Wen-wei Qiu、Jian Luo、殷梅津*, Maslinic acid induces mitochondrial apoptosis and suppresses HIF-1alpha expression in A549 lung cancer cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions, MOLECULES, vol.19 no.- pp.19892-19906, 2014
2013 Ming-cheng Lin、Pei-chun Hsu、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Protective effects of Houttuynia cordata aqueous extract in mice consuming high saturated fat diet, Food & Function, vol.4 no.- pp.322-327, 2013
2013 Hui-ting Yang、Pei-chun Chao、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Riboflavin at high doses enhances lung cancer cell proliferation, invasion and migration, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.78 no.- pp.343-349, 2013
2013 Ming-cheng Lin、殷梅津*, Preventive Effects of Ellagic Acid against Doxorubicin induced Cardio-toxicity in Mice, Cardiovascular Toxicology, vol.13 no.- pp.185-193, 2013
2013 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、Te-chun Hsia、殷梅津*, Dietary trans fats enhance doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in mice, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.78 no.- pp.1621-1628, 2013
2012 Shih-jei Tsai、Wen-hu Liu、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Trans Fatty Acids Enhanced beta-Amyloid Induced Oxidative Stress in Nerve Growth Factor Differentiated PC12 Cells, NEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH, vol.37 no.1 pp.782-794, 2012
2012 Shih-Jei Tsai、黃晉修(Chin-Shiu Huang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Wing-Yiu Kam、Hui-Ying Huang、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fibrotic Effects of Naringenin in Diabetic Mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.60 no.- pp.514-521, 2012
2012 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Nuclear factor kappa B-dependent anti-inflammatory effects of s-allyl cysteine and s-propyl cysteine in kidney of diabetic mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.60 no.- pp.3158-3165, 2012
2012 Kung-chi Chan、Pei-Jain Pen、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-coagulatory and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Astaxanthin in Diabetic Rats, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.77 no.2 pp.76-80, 2012
2012 Shih-jei Tsai、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-glycative and anti-inflammatory effects of protocatechuic acid in brain of mice treated by d-galactose, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.50 no.- pp.3198-3205, 2012
2012 林佳育(LIN CY)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Renal protective effects of extracts from fruit of guava (Psidium guajava L.) in diabetic mice, PLANT FOODS FOR HUMAN NUTRITION, vol.67 no.- pp.303-308, 2012
2012 殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*、Ming-cheng Lin、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、林佳育(LIN CY), Bioavailability, distribution and anti-oxidative effects of selected triterpenes in mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.60 no.- pp.7697-7701, 2012
2012 Shih-jei Tsai、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-oxidative, anti-glycative and anti-apoptotic effects of oleanolic acid in brain of mice treated by D-galactose, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol.689 no.- pp.81-88, 2012
2011 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、趙哲毅(Che-Yi Chao)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Histidine and carnosine alleviated hepatic steatosis in mice consumed high saturated fat diet. European Journal of Pharmacology, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol.653 no.- pp.82-88, 2011
2011 Chun-che Lin、Chun-yin Huang、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Chien-yi Chan、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Antiangiogenic potential of three triterpenic acids in human liver cancer cells, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.59 no.- pp.755-762, 2011
2011 Cheng-chin Hsu、Yu-ru Guo、Zhi-hong Wang、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Protective effects of aqueous extract from pepino (Solanum muricatum Ait.) in diabetic mice, JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, vol.91 no.- pp.1517-1522, 2011
2011 林佳育(LIN CY)、Shih-jei Tsai、黃晉修(Chin-Shiu Huang)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-glycative effects of protocatechuic acid in kidney of diabetic mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.59 no.- pp.5117-5124, 2011
2011 Shih-jei Tsai、C. Perry Chiu、Hui-ting Yang、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, s-Allyl Cysteine, s-Ethyl Cysteine and s-Propyl Cysteine Alleviate beta-Amyloid, Glycative and Oxidative Injury in Brain of Mice Treated by D-galactose, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.59 no.- pp.6319-6326, 2011
2011 Chun-yin Huang、林佳育(LIN CY)、Chia-wen Tsai、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Inhibition of cell proliferation, invasion and migration by ursolic acid in human lung cancer cell lines, TOXICOLOGY IN VITRO, vol.25 no.- pp.1274-1280, 2011
2011 Chun-che Lin、Wen-hu Liu、Zhi-hong Wang、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Vitamins B status and anti-oxidative defense in patients with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus infection, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.- no.50 pp.499-506, 2011
2011 Shih-jei Tsai、趙哲毅(Che-Yi Chao)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Preventive and therapeutic effects of caffeic acid against inflammatory injury in striatum of MPTP-treated mice, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol.670 no.- pp.441-447, 2011
2010 蔡世傑(Shih-Jei Tsai)、林佳育(LIN CY)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、何茂旺(Mao-Wang Ho)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, s-Ethyl cysteine and s-propyl cysteine alleviate beta-amyloid induced cytotoxicity in nerve growth factor differentiated PC12 cells, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.58 no.1 pp.7104-7108, 2010
2010 WEN-HU LIU、CHUN-CHE LIN、ZHI-HONG WANG、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Effects of Protocatechuic Acid on Trans Fat Induced Hepatic Steatosis in Mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.58 no.3 pp.10247-10252, 2010
2010 Pei-chun Chao、Chien-ning Huang、Cheng-chin Hsu、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Association of dietary AGEs with circulating AGEs, glycated LDL, IL-1 and MCP-1 levels in type 2 diabetic patients, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.49 no.- pp.429-434, 2010
2010 Shih-jei Tsai、Wei-wen Kuo、Wen-hu Liu、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-oxidative and Anti-inflammatory Protection from Carnosine in Striatum of MPTP-treated Mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.58 no.- pp.11510-11516, 2010
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