Department of Food Nutrition and Healthy Biotechnology, Asia University

  Chairperson's Message
Welcome to the Department of Food Nutrition and Health Biotechnology at Asia University!Our department strives to achieve excellence in its mission of teaching and cultivating excellent food nutrition and cosmetics technology professionals. We are committed to provide outstanding teaching skills and complete resources to our students. Our curricula offer unique opportunities for broadening the practical experience of our students through the excellent facilities of the department and professors. Our primary mission is to provide an educational environment conducive to lifelong learning, problem solving, and health skills training to improve and promote the wellbeing of our families, communities and people.

  About the department
    Our department was established in 2001 and started as the Department of Applied Life Science. There were one undergraduate class, one 2-year vocational class, and one 2-year evening class for the first year.

    In 2004, our department started to offer master degree program and discontinued the 2-year vocational class.

    In 2006, the name of our department was officially changed to the Department of Health Nutrition and Biotechnology.

    In 2017, our department was renamed again to the Department of Food Nutrition and Health Biotechnology.

    Currently, our department offers a BS degree in Food & Nutrition or Cosmetic Science as well as a MS degree with emphasis in Food Science, Nutrition Science, or Cosmetic Science.