Mei-Chin Mong
Name Mei-Chin Mong
Job title Associate Professor
Education Ph.D., Nutrition, University of Tennessee, USA
TEL +886-4-23323456#1829
Lab I515
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Year Paper Title
2022 Pei JS、Chang WS、Chen CC、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Hsu SW、Hsu PC、Hsu YN、Wang YC、Tsai CW、Bau DT, Novel contribution of long non-coding RNA MEG3 genotype to prediction of childhood leukemia risk, Cancer Genomics Proteomics, vol.19 no.1 pp.27-34, 2022
2022 Fu CK、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、Bau DT(Bau DT)*, Association of matrix metallopeptidase-2 enotypes with risk of gastric cancer in Taiwan, ANTICANCER RESEARCH, vol.42 no.4 pp.1749-1755, 2022
2022 Wu MH、Chen CH、Chen CP、Huang TL、Yueh TC、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Bau DT(Bau DT)*, Contribution of 5-methyltetrahydrogolate-homocysteine methyltransferase reductase genotypes to colorectal cancer in Taiwan, ANTICANCER RESEARCH, vol.42 no.5 pp.2375-2382, 2022
2022 Yan SL、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Liu WH、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Anti-apoptotic and anti-oxidative effects of aqueous extract prepared from steamed daylily flower in normal cardiac and hepatic cells against ethanol, CURRENT TOPICS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 2022
2022 Hu PS、Hsia NY、Chien WC、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Hsia TC、Bau DT(Bau DT)*, Protective effects of gamma-mangostin on hydrogen peroxide induced cytotoxicity in human retinal pigment epithelial cells, IN VIVO, vol.36 no.4 pp.1676-1683, 2022
2022 Shih LC、He JL、Chang WS、Hsu CL、Hsia TC、Wang YC、Yang JS、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Tsai CW、Bau DT(Bau DT)*, The contribution of PDCD6 polymorphisms to oral cancer risk, Cancer Genomics Proteomics, vol.19 no.4 pp.456-463, 2022
2021 Wu CN、Chang WS、Shih LC、Wang YC、Lee HT、Yu CC、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Hsia TC、Tsai CW, Interaction of DNA repair gene XPC with Smoking and betel quid chewing behaviors of oral cancer, Cancer Genomics Proteomics, vol.18 no.3 suppl pp.441-449, 2021
2021 Yan SL、黃晉修(Chin-Shiu Huang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), Oridonin attenuates the effects of chronic alcohol consumption inducing oxidative, glycative and inflammatory injury in the mouse liver, IN VIVO, vol.35 no.4 pp.2141-2149, 2021
2021 Li CH、Chiu KL、Hsia TC、Shen TC、Chen LH、Yu CC、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Chang WS、Tsai CW、Bau DT, Significant association of cyclin D1 promoter genotypes with asthma susceptibility in Taiwan, IN VIVO, vol.35 no.4 pp.2041-2046, 2021
2021 Hsiao LW、Tsay GJ、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Liu WH、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), Aqueous extract prepared from steamed red amaranth (Amaranthus gangeticus L.) leaves protected human lens cells against high glucose induced glycative and oxidative stress, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, 2021
2020 楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、吳文慈(Wen-Tzu Wu)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Phytochemical profiles and anti-diabetic benefits of two edible Amaranthus species, CyTA-Journal of Food, vol.18 no.1 pp.94-101, 2020
2020 Kuo HL、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Chen HC、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), s-Ethyl cysteine, an amino acid derivative, attenuated cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity, AMINO ACIDS, vol.52 no.8 pp.1181-1190, 2020
2019 Yan SL、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), Combination of carnosine and asiatic acid provided greater anti-inflammatory protection for HUVE cells and diabetic mice than individual treatments of carnosine or asiatic acid alone, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.126 pp.192-198, 2019
2019 楊雅甄、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、Liu YT、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), Gynura bicolor aqueous extract attenuated H2O2 induced injury in PC12 cells, BioMedicine, vol.9 no.2 pp.12-, 2019
2019 Pai PY、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、Liu YT、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), Anti-diabetic effects of Gynura bicolor aqueous extract in mice, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.84 no.6 pp.1631-1637, 2019
2019 Chou IC、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Lin CL、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin), Greater protective potent of s-methyl cysteine and syringic acid combination for NGF-differentiated PC12 cells against kainic acid-induced injury, International Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.16 no.8 pp.1180-1187, 2019
2018 Chiu CH、Chyau CC、Chen CC、Lee LY、Chen WP、Liu JL、Lin WH、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)*, Erinacine A-enriched Hericium erinaceus mycelium produces antidepressant-like effects through modulating BDNF/PI3K/Akt/GSK-3Beta signaling in mice, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.19 no.2 pp.E341-, 2018
2018 王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang), Asiatic acid adn maslinic acid attenuated kainic acid-induced seizure through decreasing hippocampal inflammatory adn oxidative stress, EPILEPSY RESEARCH, vol.139 pp.28-34, 2018
2018 吳文慈(Wen-Tzu Wu)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)*, Aqueous and ethanol extracts of daylily flower (Hemerocallis fulva L.) protect HUVEcells against high glucose, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, 2018
2017 殷湄晶(Mei-chin Yin)、王智弘(Wang Zhi-Hong)、Liu WH、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Aqueous extract of Gynura bicolor attenuated hepatic steatosis, glycative, oxidative, and inflammatory injury induced by chronic ethanol consumption in mice, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.82 no.11 pp.2746-2751, 2017
2016 Hsia TC、殷梅津*、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Advanced Glycation End-Products Enhance Lung Cancer Cell Invasion and Migration, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.17 no.8, 2016
2015 Pei-chun Chao、殷梅津、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Anti-apoptotic and anti-glycative effects of asiatic acid in the brain of D-galactose treated mice, Food and Function, vol.6 no.2 pp.542-548, 2015
2015 Yu-wan Yang、Chia-wen Tsai、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、殷梅津*, Maslinic acid protected pc12 cells differentiated by nerve growth factor against beta-amyloid-induced apoptosis, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.63 no.47 pp.10243-10249, 2015
2014 Chan CY、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、Liu WH、Huang CY、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), Three pentacyclic triterpenes protect H9c2 cardiomyoblast cells against high-glucose-induced injury, FREE RADICAL RESEARCH, vol.48 no.4 pp.402-411, 2014
2014 CH Chiu、CC Chyau、CC Chen、CH Lin、CH Cheng、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)*, Polysaccharide extract of Cordyceps sobolofera attenuates renal injury in endotoxemic rats, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.69 pp.281-288, 2014
2013 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、Te-Chun Hsia、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), Dietary trans fats enhance doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in mice, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.78 no.10 pp.H1621-H1628, 2013
2012 黃晉修(Chin-Shiu Huang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects of naringenin in diabetic mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.60 no.1 pp.514-521, 2012
2012 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Nuclear factor kappaB-dependent anti-inflammatory effects of s-allyl cysteine and s-propyl cysteine in kidney of diabetic mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.60 no.12 pp.3158-3165, 2012
2012 Hsu CK、Chou ST、黃佩珍(Pei-Jane Huang)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang)、Hsueh YP、Jhan JK, Crude ethanol extracts from grape seeds adn peels exhibit anti-tyrosinase activity, JOURNAL OF COSMETIC SCIENCE, vol.63 no.4 pp.225-232, 2012
2012 殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)、Lin, Ming-Cheng、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、林佳育(LIN CY)、、, Bioavailability, diestribution, adn antioxidative effects of selected triterpenes in mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.60 no.31 pp.7697-7701, 2012
2011 Chun-Che Lin、Chun-Yin Huang、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Chien-Yi Cha、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), Antiangiogenic potential of three triterpenic acids in human liver cancer cells, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.59 no.2 pp.755-762, 2011
2011 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、趙哲毅(Che-Yi Chao)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), Histidine and carnosine alleviated hepatic steatosis in mice consumed high saturated fat diet, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol.653 no.1-3 pp.82-88, 2011
2010 趙哲毅(Che-Yi Chao)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Kung-Chi Chan、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), Anti-glycative and anti-inflammatory effects of caffeic acid and ellagic acid in kidney of diabetic mice, MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH, vol.54 no.3 pp.388-395, 2010
2010 蔡世傑(Shih-Jei Tsai)、林佳育(LIN CY)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、何茂旺(Mao-Wang Ho)、殷梅津(Mei-Chin Yin), s-Ethyl cysteine and s-propyl cysteine alleviate beta-amyloid induced cytotoxicity in nerve growth factor differentiated PC12 cells, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.58 no.1 pp.7104-7108, 2010
2010 Wen-Hu Liu、Chun-Che Lin、Zhi-Hong Wang、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), Effects of protocatechuic acid on trans fat induced heaptic steatosis in mice, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.58 no.18 pp.10247-10252, 2010
2009 詹恭巨(Kung-Chi CHan)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、殷梅津(Mei-Chin Yin)*, Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory neuroprotective efffects of astaxanthin and canthaxanthine in nerve growth factor differentiated PC12 cells, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.74 no.7 pp.H225-H231, 2009
Year Book Title
2018 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), 營養師考試祕笈4 公共衛生營養學, 華格那, Apr. 2018
2016 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), 健康與生活-開創樂活幸福人生, 新文京開發, Jun. 2016
2016 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), 團體膳食製備與管理, 華格那, Jun. 2016
2014 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), 新編團體膳食供應與管理, 華格那, Oct. 2014
2014 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), 食品營養專業英文, 華格那, Aug. 2014
2013 張李淑女(Shu-Nu Chang Lee)、張育嘉(Yu-Chia Chang)、林慧美(Hui-Mei Lin)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、邱駿紘、蘇完女(Su-Wan Nu)、林秀珍(Hsiu-Chen Lin)、鄭秀敏(Shiu-Min Cheng)、陳怡如(I-Ju Chen)、汪在莒、林承鋒、、、, 健康與生活-開創樂活幸福人生, 新文京, Sep. 2013
2012 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、張瑞珠、吳天祚、邱駿紘、林翠品, 生物化學實驗, 華格那, Sep. 2012
2012 杭極敏、陳冠如、王瑞蓮、林麗霜、陳玉楚、楊惠婷、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、吳幸娟, 營養師考試秘笈4 公共衛生營養學, 華格那, Jul. 2012
2010 張李淑女(Shu Nu Chang-Lee)、張育嘉(Yu-Chia Chang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、陳怡如(I-Ju Chen)、鄭秀敏(Shiu-Min Cheng)、汪在莒、林承鋒, 健康與生活, 新文京開發, Feb. 2010
2007 楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、、, 生命科學概論, 新文京開發, Aug. 2007
2006 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), 食品營養專業英文, 華格那企業, Sep. 2006
2005 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), 生物化學實驗, 華格那, Aug. 2005
Date of Publication Paper Title
2022.05 徐靖雅、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), The texture modified meals designed for seniors/老年飲食之質地調整菜單設計 , 台灣營養學會第48屆年會暨學術研討會, May. 2022, 台南市/線上
2022.03 Chen PH、Huang YP、Du JR、Li PY、Bai ZL、Chiu CH、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), Cytotoxicity of curcumin in prostate cancer cells in vitro, potential role of miRNA-155 in cell proliferation and apoptosis - 2022 The 36th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Science/第36屆生物醫學聯合學術年會, Mar. 2022, 台北市/國立陽明交通大學陽明校區
2021.12 Chen PH、Huang YP、Du JR、Li PY、Bai ZL、Chiu CH、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), Curcumin arrested cell growth and induced apoptosis by targeting Nrf2 and NF, κBpathways in prostate cancer cells - 2021 台灣生物科技暨健康產業協會研討會, Dec. 2021, 台中市/國立中興大學
2021.12 Ke PC、Zheng CH、Wang YT、Hou CY、Chiu CH、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), An on, line survey of purchasing decisions related to pet functional supplements - 2021 台灣生物科技暨健康產業協會研討會, Dec. 2021, 台中市/國立中興大學
2021.12 Wang YT、Zheng CH、Ke PC、Hou CY、Chiu CH、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), A survey among companion animal owners on pet food purchasing determinants and owners, pet intimacy measurement - 2021 台灣生物科技暨健康產業協會研討會, Dec. 2021, 台中市/國立中興大學
2021.06 曾柏豪、Chiu CH、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of the Water and Ethanolic Extracts of Okra , 2021 第十四屆中亞聯大生物科技研討會, Jun. 2021, 台中市/線上
2019.11 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、喬長誠、林怡君、邱駿紘, Fermented burdock liquid displays anti, hyperglycemic effect via modulation of glucose homeostasis - 台灣食品科學技術學會第49次會員大會, Nov. 2019, 台中市/中興大學
2019.10 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、莊蓉萱、陳奕凱、施繼雲、李柔蔓、邱駿紘, Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack Leaf Extract Suppresses LPS, induced Inflammatory Responses in RAW264.7 Cells through NF-?B Pathway Inhibition and Nrf2/HO-1 Pathway Activation - The 34th Symposium of Natural Products 第34屆天然藥物研討會, Oct. 2019, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2019.10 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Yi-Kai Chen、Jung-Hsuan Chuang、Chi-Yun Shin、Jou-Man Li、Chiu-Hung Chiu, The ethanol extract of grape pomance prevents oxidative stress, induced cell death in HEK293 cells - 2019全國生物科技暨健康產業學術研討會, Oct. 2019, 嘉義縣/南華大學
2019.10 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Jung-Hsuan Chuang、Yi-Kai Chen、Chi-Yun Shin、Jou-Man Li、Chiu-Hung Chiu, Anti, apoptotic action of grape pomance ethanolic extract on hydrogen peroxide-induced injury in human embryonic kidney cells HEK293 - 2019全國生物科技暨健康產業學術研討會, Oct. 2019, 嘉義縣/南華大學
2015.05 Chiu-Hung Chiu、Parker Lu, Protective effects of ethanolic extract of grape pomace against high glucose, induced oxidative stress in murine endothelial cells - 第41屆台灣營養學會年會暨學術研討會, May. 2015, 台南市嘉南藥理大學
2015.05 Yi-Kai Su, Food consumption patterns of undergraduate students in Taichung , 第41屆台灣營養學會年會暨學術研討會, May. 2015, 台南市嘉南藥理大學
2015.05 Chun-Hung Chiu、Yu-Shin Shiu, Neuroprotective effects of carnosine and histidine in a MPTP, induced mouse model of Parkinson's disease - 第41屆台灣營養學會年會暨學術研討會, May. 2015, 台南市嘉南藥理大學
2014.10 Chi-Huang Chang、Chun-Hung Chiu, Anti, inflammatory and antioxidative potentials of the fermented product from co-culture of Lycium barbarum extract and Ganoderma lucidum on LPS-induced hepatic damamge in mice - 10th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Oct. 2014, 高雄市義守大學
2014.10 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、Chun-Hung Chiu, Anti, fatigue and antioxidant effects of the fermented fruit-vegetable product on fored swimming mice - 10th International Symposium of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Oct. 2014, 高雄市義守大學
2014.06 Chun-Hung Chiu、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、Chi-Huang Chang, Anti, fatigue activity of the fermented fruit-vegetable product on oxidative stress induced by endurance swimming in mice - 第19屆生物技術暨生物工程研討會, Jun. 2014, 台中市
2014.05 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、劉曉孔、張筱筠(Hsiao-Chuan Chang), 冠狀動脈鈣化指數與飲食及生活型態之關聯性 , 第40屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2014, 新北市
2014.05 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong), Impact of the fermented fruit, vegetable product used as the anti-fatigue agent in mice - 第40屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2014, 新北市
2013.05 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、趙家穗、張筱筠(Hsiao-Chuan Chang), Calcium consumption pattern and body mass index of female university students in Taichung , 第39屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2013, 台中市中國醫藥大學
2013.03 游俊傑、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、邱駿紘, 新鮮黑后葡萄萃取物抗氧化及抗發炎活性之評估 , 第六屆亞洲大學暨中國醫藥大學生物科技研討會, Mar. 2013, 台中市亞洲大學
2012.11 邱駿紘、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、鄭卜元, The inflammation and oxidative injury caused by lipopolysaccharide are regressed by fermented fruit, vegetable product in rat liver - 台灣食品科學技術會第42次會員大會暨食品加工技術研討會, Nov. 2012, 新北市輔仁大學
2012.05 游俊傑、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、邱駿紘, 新鮮黑后葡萄萃取物之抗氧化及抗發炎活性之評估 , 台灣營養學會第38屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2012, 台南市
2012.03 Protective effect of submerged liquid fermentation product of cordyceps sobolifera on cisplatin, induced nephrotoxicity in rats - 第27屆生物醫學聯合學術年會, Mar. 2012, 台北市
2011.02 陳宗聖、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、邱駿紘、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN), 番石榴汁對大鼠糖尿病腎病變的作用 , 臺灣保健食品學會2011年(第十三次)會員大會暨保健食品與代謝症候群研討會, Feb. 2011, 台北
2010.05 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、林子群、孔昭蘋、朱懿慈、李思儀、李瑜珊、邱沛禎, 現煮咖啡飲用對體位及腰圍的影響 , 台灣營養學會第36屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2010, 台北
2009.11 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、郭素茵、許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、邱駿紘, 葡萄釀酒殘餘物之萃取物的總酚及類黃酮含量及抗氧化活性分析 , 台灣食品科學技術學會第三十九次會員大會, Nov. 2009, 宜蘭
2009.06 Chun-Hung Chiu、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Ying-Jie Chen、Nai-Shin Yu, The anti, inflammatory action of Nephrolepis auriculata (L.) Trimen in LPS-induced macrophage cell line RAW264.7. - 第十四屆生化工程研討會, Jun. 2009, 台中
2009.06 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Chun-Hung Chiu、Shen-Min Huang、Chin-Chu Chen、Tzu-Yang Lin、Chun-Yu Chen, Protective effect of Cordyceps sobolifera extract on the progression of diabetic nephropathy in rats. , 第十四屆生化工程研討會, Jun. 2009, 台中
2009.05 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、吳曼如、許恩翎、張筱筠(Hsiao-Yun Chang), 大學生之抽煙習慣與體位及體脂肪分佈的相關性 , 第35屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2009, 台中
2009.05 Chun-Hung Chiu、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Yi-Ling Hsieh, Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide, induced proinflammatory markers through suppression of NF-kappaB activation by Paederia foetida extract. - 第35屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2009, 台中
2009.05 Chun-Hung Chiu、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、SM Huang、CY Chen, Paederia foretida extract protects against lipopolysaccharide, induced acute renal injury. - 第35屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2009, 台中
2009.05 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、邱駿紘、Shu-Lie Chen、Tsung-Hsien Chan, Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of dandelion extract in fructose, fed rats. - 第35屆營養年會暨學術研討會, May. 2009, 台中
2009.02 許紫晶、杜盈萱、邱碩宇、韓建國(Chien-Kuo Han)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、李明明(Min-Min Lee)、趙哲毅(Che-Yi Chao), 以PPAR荷爾蒙和受器篩選技術平台評估銀髮族水產養生套餐之保健功效 , 臺灣保健食品學會2009年(第十一次)會員大會暨保健食品抗憂鬱研討會, Feb. 2009, 台北
2008.11 Huang, Shen-Ming、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、Yi-Ting, Chen、Lin, Shiang-Ting、邱駿紘, Influence of dandelion extracts on cell proliferation and gene expression in estrogen, sensitive breast cancer cells. - ISNFF Conference, Nov. 2008, Taichung
2008.11 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、邱駿紘、許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang), Anti, inflammatory and phagocytic activities of the ethanol extract from grapevine cell suspension culture in murine macropahge cells. - ISNFF Conference, Nov. 2008, Taichung
2008.11 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、邱駿紘(Chun-Hung Chiu)、韓建國(Chien-Kuo Han)、李明明(Min-Min Lee), Antioxidant and anti, inflammatory activities of the crude water extracts of four Chinese herbal formulas. - ISNFF Conference, Nov. 2008, Taichung
2008.03 Wang, Chun-Yuan、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、楊乙尹、Lin, Cheng-Hsien、Hsieh, Chiu-Lan、邱駿紘(Chun-Hung Chiu), Tumor necrosis factor, alpha promoter region polymorphisms with elevated and risk of normal tension glaucoma. - 第23屆生物醫學聯合學術年會, Mar. 2008, 台北
2008.02 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、柯耀筆、王世宗、陳勁初、林政賢、邱駿紘, Protective effect of polysaccharide fraction of Cordyceps sobolifera on LPD, induced hepatic damage in rats. - 臺灣保健食品學會2008年(第十屆)會員大會暨保健食品與護肝研討會, Feb. 2008, 台北
2007.12 薛煜彬、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu), 葡萄細胞萃取液對酪胺酸酵素的抑制活性 , 台灣食品科學技術學會第三十七次會員大會, Dec. 2007, 彰化
2007.12 黃亦婷、邱駿紘、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), 飲食頻率問卷之效度分析 , 台灣食品科學技術學會第三十七次會員大會, Dec. 2007, 彰化
2007.12 謝佩宸、邱駿紘、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong), 大學生的飲食型態與排便狀況之相關性 , 台灣食品科學技術學會第三十七次會員大會, Dec. 2007, 彰化
2007.12 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、柯耀筆、王世宗、黃勝敏、林政賢、邱駿紘, Polysaccharide fraction of Cordyceps sobolifera attenuates endotoxin, induced proinflammatory responses and up-regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase. - 台灣食品科學技術學會第三十七次會員大會, Dec. 2007, 彰化
2007.12 柯耀筆、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、陳勁初、林政賢、喬長誠、邱駿紘, Suppression of endotoxin, induced nephrofunctional damage by pretreatment of polysaccharide fraction of Cordyceps sobolifera. - 台灣食品科學技術學會第三十七次會員大會, Dec. 2007, 彰化
2007.09 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、邱駿紘、王世宗、王秀琦, Effects of ellagic acid on LPD, induced pro-inflammatory mediator production in RAW264.7 macrophages. - 10th Asian Congress on Nutritoin, Sep. 2007, Taipei
2007.09 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、謝依玲、江筱慧, Breakfast consumption, body mass index, and body fat percentage among colloge students in Taiwan. , 10th Asian Congress on Nutritoin, Sep. 2007, Taipei
Project Title Participator Period
台中市食安青年軍計畫 (20161230152956) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong)、韓建國(Chien-Kuo Han) 2016.06 ~ 2016.10
呼吸系統之保健食品研發 (CMU103-ASIA-05) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
亞洲大學食安教育宣導列車計畫 (20150804145507) 韓建國(Chien-Kuo Han)、蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2015.06 ~ 2015.12
以動物模式評估猴頭菇發酵物之抗憂鬱功效 (20150804145204) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2014.08 ~ 2015.07
蔬果酵素液產品開發 (10233138) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2014.07 ~ 2014.12
三萜類物質改善糖尿病併發症之研究 (CMU102-ASIA-01) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2014.07 ~ 2015.06
以細胞模式探討黑后葡萄釀酒殘餘物之萃取物對於高葡萄糖誘發氧化傷害之抗氧化及抗發炎作用 (102-asia-06) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2014.02 ~ 2015.01
以動物模式探討組織胺與肌肽之抗氧化及抗發炎神經保護作用 (101-asia-50) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2013.02 ~ 2014.01
藻類改善糖尿病的功效 (CMU100-ASIA-01) 蒙美津(Mei-Shin Mong) 2012.05 ~ 2013.05
以動物模式探討芭樂對糖尿病腎臟病變之改善效果 (20110623164547) 蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong) 2008.08 ~ 2009.07
葡萄細胞的抗氧化, 抗發炎及抑制黑色素形成的生理活性成分的分離與效能評估 II (20110623160501) 許成光、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang) 2008.08 ~ 2011.07
葡萄細胞的抗氧化, 抗發炎及抑制黑色素形成的生理活性成分的分離與效能評估 II (20110623160206) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang) 2008.08 ~ 2011.07
葡萄細胞的抗氧化, 抗發炎及抑制黑色素形成的生理活性成分的分離與效能評估 II (20110623155925) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang) 2008.08 ~ 2011.07
葡萄細胞的抗氧化, 抗發炎及易致黑色素形成的生理活性成分的分離與效能評估 (20110623151414) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、蒙美津(Mei-Chin Mong)、王建國(Chien-Kuo Wang) 2007.08 ~ 2008.07
Award Name Awarding Unit
103年度第2次學術研究獎勵 研究發展處
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TK300002A 生物化學 111
大學日間部 TK300002B 生物化學 111
大學日間部 TK300051A 疾病營養學 111
進修學士班 BRG00034A 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GOG00189A 飲食保健新知-3 111
大學日間部 GRG00051A 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051B 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051D 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051E 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051F 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051G 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051H 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051I 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051J 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051K 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051L 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 GRG00051N 健康與生活 111
大學日間部 TF310053A 公共衛生營養學 111
大學日間部 TF310072B 膳食療養學(一) 111
大學日間部 TF310112A 學輔時間(二) 111
大學日間部 TF310117B 膳食療養學實驗 111
碩士在職專班 TF400026A 營養生理生化專論 111
Year Research Title Authors
103 鈣攝取型態與身體質量指數及骨質密度之關聯性 趙家穗
102 黑豆茶對於乙醇誘導SD大鼠急性肝損傷之護肝功效研究 Kendi Jelita
102 罹患C型肝炎藥物濫用者精神狀態量表分析及探討美沙冬替代療法對於藥物濫用者脂肪酸代謝作用之影響 蔡蕎羽
102 地瓜葉對於3T3-L1脂肪細胞分化的影響 江姿緣
101 卡通人物包裝食物對幼兒食物喜好之影響 范芯瑋
101 探討含黃花蜜菜汁青草茶護肝之作用以及對兒童保健食品開發之展望 沈吟紋
101 黃花蜜菜對乙醯胺基苯酚誘發小鼠肝損傷脂抗發炎及護肝功能評估 黃鈺淇
101 冠狀動脈鈣化指數與飲食方式及生活型態之關聯性 劉曉孔
101 生鮮黑后葡萄萃取物抗氧化活性及抗發炎作用之探討 游俊傑
100 芭樂葉萃取物與合成的三唑化合物對蛋白酪氨酸磷酸酶1B和雙胜肽基胜肽酶IV的抑制效力 Rezka Larasati
099 番石榴汁對STZ誘發糖尿病大鼠之氧化, 發炎與腎損傷之探討 陳宗聖
098 黑后葡萄釀酒殘渣萃取物脂抗氧化與抗發炎作用 郭素茵
098 雞屎藤萃取物對小鼠巨噬細胞株RAW264.7之抗發炎研究 謝依玲
098 蟬花發酵液對大鼠糖尿病腎損傷的保護作用 林子揚
098 蒲公英水萃取物對於富含果糖飲食所誘導的代謝症候群預防之影響 詹宗憲
097 膳食性益生菌補充對於長期照護機構老年住民之排便情形的影響 張詩莉
097 大學生生活型態與排便習慣的相關性 謝佩宸
097 台灣地區青光眼與腫瘤壞死因子-alpha及介白質-6基因多型性之關聯性 楊乙尹
097 蒲公英萃取物對於小鼠巨噬細胞RAW264.7之抗發炎作用 詹凱婷
097 乳酪萃取物之抗發炎反應研究 黃琡珍
096 女性消費者面膜購買及使用相關因素之初步研究 江秀蘭
096 營養教育介入對大一學生營養知識及行為之影響 李詠妍
096 魚類攝取與慢行疾病危險因子之初步研究-以台中縣某大學教職員工為例 黃亦婷
096 葡萄與葡萄細胞以純萃取物對抑制酪胺酸酶活性之效能評估 薛煜彬
096 蟬花萃取物對於脂多醣體誘導之肝臟及順臟損傷的保護作用 林政賢
096 蒲公英萃取物誘發人類肝癌細胞株 HepG2 細胞凋亡之研究 張麗穎
095 台農一號與名間長紅山藥水萃取物對小鼠肝細胞與肝癌細胞之抗氧化酵素活性的影響 陳傑易
095 蟬花對巨噬細胞株 RAW264.7 抗發炎之影響 翁京秀
095 番茄汁抗氧化成分對發炎反應與相關基因表達之體內評估 臧一凡
095 鮫鯊烯對於急性四綠化碳誘導大鼠肝損傷之作用 張哲銘
095 鞣花酸對於脂多醣體(LPS)誘導之小鼠巨噬細胞的抗發炎作用研究 王秀琦
Year Project name Advising professor Department Student name
102 黑后葡萄釀酒殘渣萃取物對於黑色素生成之影響 蒙美津 保健營養生技學系 賴柏羽