Jan-Ying Yeh
Name Jan-Ying Yeh
Email jyyeh@asia.edu.tw
Job title Professor

Ph.D., Department of Animal Sciences, Oregon State University, Oregon US

TEL +886-4-23323456#1851
Lab I413


In School Schedule

In School Schedule

Year Paper Title
2021 林?郁、林娟如、郭俐利、張力天、楊文欽、歐柏榮、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、梁佑全, 蛋雞飼養管理對其健康影響, 農業生技產業季刊, vol.65 pp.14-24, 2021
2020 林佩儀、梁佑全、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、歐柏榮, 近代植生素於經濟動物飼養的應用, 中化藥訊, vol.82 pp.3-17, 2020
2018 Hsiang-Yun Tung、Wei-Chen Chen、BOR-RUNG OU、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Yeong-Hsiang Cheng、Ping-Hua Teng、Ming-Hua Hsu、Ming-Shiun Tsai、Yu-Chuan Liang(Yu-Chuan Liang)*, Simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens by multiplex PCR coupled with DNA biochip hybridization, LAB ANIMAL, vol.52 pp.186-195, 2018
2015 Jacob A. Tennessen(Jacob A. Tennessen)*、Andre Theron、Melanie Marine、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Anne Rognon、Michael S. Blouin, Hyperdiverse Gene Cluster in Snail Host Conveys Resistance to Human Schistosome Parasites, PLoS Genetics pp.1-21, 2015
2015 Tennessen, J(Tennessen, J. A.)*、Bonner, K. M.、Ballmann, S. R.、Johnstun, J. A.、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Marine, M.、Tavalire, H. F.、Bayne, C. J.、Blouin, M. S., Genome-Wide Scan and Test of Candidate Genes in the Snail Biomphalaria glabrata Reveal New Locus Influencing Resistance to Schistosoma mansoni, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol.9 no.9 pp.e0004077-, 2015
2014 Ahmed, H. M.、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Lin, W. J.、Forsberg, N. E.、Cheng, W. T. K.、Ou, B. R.(Ou, B. R.)*, Validation of a luciferase bioassay to detect the progestative activity in gilts whose estrus was induced by an uterotonic herb (Ligusticum chuanxiong), Livestock Science, vol.163 pp.159-164, 2014
2014 Ahmed, H. M.、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Tang, Y. C.、Cheng, W. T. K.、Ou, B. R.(Ou, B. R.)*, Molecular screening of Chinese medicinal plants for progestogenic and anti-progestogenic activity, JOURNAL OF BIOSCIENCES, vol.39 no.3 pp.1-9, 2014
2013 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Bor-Rung Ou、Yu-Chuan Liang、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)*, Growth inhibition and antioxidative status induced by selenium-enriched broccoli extract and selenocompounds in DNA mismatch repair-deficient human colon cancer cells, FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.139 pp.267-273, 2013
2011 Ying-Chien Chung、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, Antibacterial Characteristics and Activity of Water-Soluble Chitosan Derivatives Prepared by the Maillard Reaction, MOLECULES, vol.16 pp.8504-8514, 2011
2011 B. R. Ou、江梅君(M. J. Jiang)、林肇翔(C. H. Lin)、Y. C. Liang、李桂仁(Kuei-Jen Lee)、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)*, Characterization and expression of chicken selenoprotein W, BIOMETALS, vol.24 no.2 pp.323-333, 2011
2011 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、謝歷輝(L. H. Hsieh)、K. T. Wu、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, Antioxidant Properties and Antioxidant Compounds of Various Extracts from the Edible Basidiomycete Grifola Frondosa (Maitake), MOLECULES, vol.16 pp.3197-3211, 2011
2011 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)*、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、魏吉宏(J. H. Wei), Protective effects of the crude extracts from yam (Dioscorea alata) peel on tert-butylhydroperoxide-induced oxidative stress in mouse liver cells, FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.126 pp.429-434, 2011
2009 K. H. Hsu、C. Pei、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、C. H. Shih、Y. C. Chung、L. T. Hong、B. R. Ou(B. R. Ou)*, Production of bioactive human alpha-defensin 5 in Pichia pastoris, JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY, vol.55 no.5 pp.395-401, 2009
2009 J. W. Liao、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Y. C. Lin、M. M. Wei、Y. C. Chung(Y. C. Chung)*, Mutagenicity and safety evaluation of water extract of fermented Toona sinensis Roemor leaves, JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, vol.74 no.1 pp.T7-T13, 2009
2008 Chou, S. T.、Chung, Y. C.、Teng, K. Y.、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)*, Effects of Graptopetalum paraguayense extract on tert-butylhydroperoxide-induced oxidative stress, JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, vol.88 no.3 pp.429-434, 2008
2008 Y. H. Cheng、B. R. Ou、L. C. Cheng、J. H. Lu、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)*, Glutathione regulation in arsenic-induced porcine aortic endothelial cells, TOXICOLOGY IN VITRO, vol.22 no.8 pp.1832-1839, 2008
2007 Y. C. Liang、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、B. R. Ou, Effect of maternal myostatin antibody on offspring growth performance and body composition in mice, JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, vol.210 no.3 pp.477-483, 2007
2007 J. W. Liao、Y. C. Chung、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Y. C. Lin、Y. G. Lin、S. M. Wu、Y. C. Chan, Safety evaluation of water extracts of Toona sinensis Roemor leaf, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.45 pp.1393-1399, 2007
2006 Y. C. Liang、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、N. E. Forsberg、B. R. Ou, Involvement of mu- and m-calpains and protein kinase C isoforms in L8 myoblast differentiation, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY, vol.38 no.4 pp.662-670, 2006
2006 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、B. R. Ou、Y. C. Liang、J. Burchfiel、J. A. Butler、N. E. Fosberg、P. D. Whanger, Mechanism for proliferation inhibition by various selenium compounds and selenium-enriched broccoli extract in rat glial cells, BIOMETALS, vol.19 no.6 pp.611-621, 2006
2005 S. T. Chou、S. J. Chen、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Y. C. Chung, Antimutagenic potential of Graptopetalum paraguayense E. Walther extracts, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.43 no.5 pp.349-357, 2005
2004 T. C. Chung、Y. C. Liang、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、B. R. Ou, Stabilization of calpain large subunits by overexpression of truncated calpain small subunit in L8 myoblasts, TISSUE & CELL, vol.36 pp.181-187, 2004
2003 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、L. C. Cheng、Y. C. Liang、B. R. Ou, Modulation of the arsenic effects on cytotoxicity, cell viability and cell cycle in porcine endothelial cells by selenium, ENDOTHELIUM-JOURNAL OF ENDOTHELIAL CELL RESEARCH, vol.10 no.3 pp.127-139, 2003
Year Book Title
2010 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh), Food hydrocolloids: characteristics, properties and structures, The Influence of structural properties and biological functions of sweet Cassava and seaweed poly..., Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Jan. 2010
2008 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh), 生物技術實驗, 蛋白質技術, 華格那企業有限公司, Jan. 2008
Date of Publication Paper Title
2009.03 Lin, C. H.、Ou, B. R.、Lee, M. S.、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh), Effect of selenium, enriched broccoli extract on arsenic detoxification mechanism in porcine endothelial cells - The 24th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Science (生物醫學聯合學術年會) , Mar. 2009, 國防醫學院
Project Title Participator Period
升級智慧蛋雞生產系統-升級智慧蛋雞生產系統(ALPS) 2.0 (MOST 110-2321-B-001-015) 梁佑全(Yu-Chuan Liang)、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、陳佳?、鄭淳予、謝長奇、陳士煜、楊文欽、蕭巧玲、林傳順、曾子彝 2021.08 ~ 2022.07
生技原料安全性研究 (PG10902-0370) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、郭宗甫(Tzong-Fu Kuo)、梁佑全 2019.12 ~ 2020.12
骨骼肌中含硒蛋白W 與肌肉生長之相關性 (NSC103-2918-I-468-004) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2014.03 ~ 2014.08
建立篩檢黃體素活性之分子生物檢驗法及具有黃體素活性中草藥於畜產的應用(1/3) (NSC 102-2313-B-029 -004 -MY3) Cheng, W. T. K.、Ou, B . R.、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2013.08 ~ 2014.07
缺硒動物基因轉錄體學研究之實驗方法建立 (100-asia-13) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2011.12 ~ 2012.11
邀請國際科技人士短期訪問 (NSC100-2912-I-468 -501) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2011.10 ~ 2011.10
Myostatin在雞隻繁殖力所扮演的角色 (NSC 98-2313-B-029-003-MY3) B. R. Ou、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
國科會─砷的排除機制及高硒青花椰菜萃取液之調控(3/3) (NSC 98-2313-B-468-001-MY3) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Ou, B. R. 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
國科會─砷的排除機制及高硒青花椰菜萃取液之調控(2/3) (NSC 98-2313-B-468-001-MY3) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Ou, B. R. 2010.08 ~ 2011.07
Myostatin在雞隻繁殖力所扮演的角色 (NSC 98-2313-B-029-003-MY3) B. R. Ou、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2010.08 ~ 2011.07
Myostatin在雞隻繁殖力所扮演的角色 (NSC 98-2313-B-029-003-MY3) B. R. Ou、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
LOUISIANIN A及其衍生物之生物活性評估-子計畫三:LOUISIANIN A及其衍生物對動物細胞生長之影響及其機制 (98-ASIA-07-3) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
國科會─砷的排除機制及高硒青花椰菜萃取液之調控(1/3) (NSC 98-2313-B-468-001-MY3) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、Ou, B. R. 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
農業生物技術國家型科技計畫:土雞繁殖力相關基因之重組蛋白質與專一性抗體之產製與應用(II) (97農科-1.2.1-牧-U1(10)) B. R. Ou、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2008.01 ~ 2008.12
高硒青花椰菜萃取液對砷去毒機制之探討(2/2) (NSC 95-2313-B-468-002-MY2) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、B. R. Ou 2007.08 ~ 2008.07
農業生物技術國家型科技計畫:土雞繁殖力相關基因之重組蛋白質與專一性抗體之產製與應用(I) (96農科-1.2.1-牧-U1(11)) B. R. Ou、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2007.01 ~ 2007.12
教學卓越計畫「吾愛(五I)吾校教學卓越計畫」B-6計畫建構專業學習與實習環境之B-6-1子計畫「強化及提升生物技術實作實驗室」 (20110807170509) 范宗宸(Ming-Jen Fan)、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、姚雅莉(Ya-Li Yao) 2006.08 ~ 2007.07
高硒青花椰菜萃取液對砷去毒機制之探討(1/2) (NSC 95-2313-B-468-002-MY2) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、B. R. Ou 2006.08 ~ 2007.07
山藥皮的細胞抗氧化、抗致突變性及安全性評估 (NSC 94-2313-B-468-002) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2005.08 ~ 2006.07
山藥加工與儲存條件對細胞抗氧化及微生物抗致突變性之最適化研究 (NSC 93-2313-B-468-002) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2004.08 ~ 2005.07
土雞含硒蛋白的選殖與組織中的表現 (NSC 93-2313-B-468-005) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、B. R. Ou 2004.08 ~ 2005.07
香椿50%酒精及水萃取物之安全性評估(2/2) (20110807170855) Y. C. Chung、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2004.08 ~ 2005.07
香椿50%酒精及水萃取物之安全性評估(1/2) (20110807171012) Y. C. Chung、葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh) 2003.08 ~ 2004.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 GRG00251E 共通專業英語文:醫護英文-中級 111
大學日間部 TF310030A 微生物學 111
大學日間部 TF310097A 保健生物技術 111
大學日間部 TF310114H 學輔時間(四) 111
大學日間部 TF310122A 病例閱讀 111
大學日間部 TF310139A 微生物學實驗 111
大學日間部 TF310139B 微生物學實驗 111
大學日間部 TF320030A 微生物學 111
大學日間部 TF320095A 保健生物技術 111
大學日間部 TF320111I 學輔時間(四) 111
進修學士班 TF500144A 毒物學 111
進修學士班 TF500170H 學輔時間(四) 111