Cheng-Hong Hsieh
Name Cheng-Hong Hsieh
Job title Professor
Education Ph.D., Food Science, National Ocean University
TEL +886-4-23323456#1844
Lab I520
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Year Paper Title
2022 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、徐國強(Hsu Kuo-Chiang)*, The Hydrolytic Peptides of Soybean Protein Induce Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis on Human Oral Cancer Cell Line HSC-3, MOLECULES, vol.27 pp.2839-2851, 2022
2018 謝宥諒(You-Liang Hsieh)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)*、黃志揚(Huang, Chih-Yang), The Protective Effects of Clams on Hypercholesterolemia in Late-Stage Triple-Transgenic Alzheimer’s Diseased Mice Hearts, Marine Drugs, vol.16 no.8 pp.263-274, 2018
2017 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃志揚(Chih-yang Huang)*、、, Down-regulation of β-catenin and the associated migration ability by Taiwanin C in arecoline and 4-NQO-induced oral cancer cells via GSK-3β activation, MOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS, vol.56 no.3 pp.1055-1067, 2017
2017 王子源(Tzu-Yuan Wang)、徐國強(Hsu Kuo-Chiang)*, A study to evaluate the potential of an in silico approach for predicting dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitory activity in vitro of protein hydrolysates, FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.234 pp.431-438, 2017
2016 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Mitotic arrest induced in human DU145 prostate cancer cells in response to KHC-4 treatment, ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY, 2016
2016 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Isolation and characterization of collagens from the skin of giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus), Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, vol.25 no.1 pp.93-104, 2016
2016 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Isolation of prolyl endopeptidase inhibitory peptides from a sodium caseinate hydrolysate, Food & Function, vol.7 pp.565-573, 2016
2016 陳泰源(Tai-Yuan Chen)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福*, Development of standardized methodology for identifying toxins in clinical samples and fish species associated with tetrodotoxin-borne poisoning incidents, JOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS, vol.21 no.1 pp.9-14, 2016
2016 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)*, In silico, in vitro and in vivo analyses of dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitory activity and the antidiabetic effect of sodium caseinate hydrolysate, Food & Function, vol.7 pp.1122-1128, 2016
2015 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福*, Taurine resumed neuronal differentiation in arsenite-treated N2a cell through reducing oxidative stress, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction, AMINO ACIDS, vol.47 no.4 pp.735-744, 2015
2015 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、徐國強(Hsu Kuo-Chiang)*, Improvement of glycemic control in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats by Atlantic salmon skin gelatin hydrolysate as the dipeptidyl-peptidase IV inhibitor, Food & Function, vol.6 pp.1887-1892, 2015
2015 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福*, Plancitoxin I from the venom of crown-of thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) induces oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress associated cytotoxicity in A375.S2 cell, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY, vol.99 no.1 pp.7-15, 2015
2015 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)*, Hepatotoxic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Emilia sonchifolia from Taiwan, JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS, vol.42 pp.1-7, 2015
2015 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Fish skin gelatin hydrolysates as dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors and glucagon-like peptide-1 stimulators improve glycaemic control in diabetic rats: A comparison between warm- and cold-water fish, Journal of Functional Foods, vol.19 pp.330-340, 2015
2014 謝宥諒(Hsieh H. S.)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Ameliorative effect of Pracparatum mungo extract on high cholesterol diets in hamsters, Food & Function, vol.5 no.1 pp.149-157, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)*, Authentication of consumer fraud in Taiwanese fish products by molecular trace evidence and forensically informative nucleotide sequencing, FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, vol.55 no.1 pp.294-302, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Oral Lactobacillus reuteri GMN-32 treatment reduces blood glucose concentrations and promotes cardiac function in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus, BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.111 no.4 pp.598-605, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、殷梅津(YIN, MEI-CHIN)*, Glycyrrhizic acid attenuated glycative stress in kidney of diabetic mice through enhancing glyoxalase pathway, MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH, vol.58 no.7 pp.1426-1435, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福*, Antioxidative and anticancer activities of various ethanolic extract fractions from crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci), ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY, vol.38 no.3 pp.761-773, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Seasonal characteristics and tetrodotoxin-producing ability of bacteria in gastropod Oliva hirasei, HYDROBIOLOGIA, vol.741 no.1 pp.23-32, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福*, Spine venom of crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) induces antiproliferation and apoptosis of human melanoma cells (A375.S2), TOXICON, vol.91 pp.126-134, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福*, Toxin and species identification of toxic octopus implicated into food poisoning in Taiwan, TOXICON, vol.91 pp.96-102, 2014
2014 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃志揚(Chih-yang Huang)*, Secondhand smoke exposure toxicity accelerates age-related cardiac disease in old hamsters, BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, vol.14 no.1 pp.195-, 2014
2013 Chen, Chien-Hung、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福(Deng-Fwu Hwang)、、, PCR-RFLP analysis using capillary electrophoresis for species identification of Cyprinidae-related products, FOOD CONTROL, vol.33 no.2 pp.477-483, 2013
2013 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Apicidin-resistant HA22T Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells extraordinarily activate Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway and MMP-2 Expression via IGF-IR/PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway to Enhance Cell Metastatic Effect, BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, vol.77 no.12 pp.2397-2404, 2013
2013 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福(Deng-Fwu Hwang), APPLICATION OF LC-MS/MS IN IDENTIFICATION OF TOXIN IN THE CAUSATIVE GASTROPOD AND VICTIM SAMPLES, Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan, vol.21 no.S pp.52-57, 2013
2012 楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、黃耀文(Yao-Wen Huang)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)*、黃鈺茹(Yu-Ru Huang)、陳建宏(Chien-Hung Chen), A unique specification method for processed unicorn filefish products using a DNA barcode marker, FOOD CONTROL, vol.25 no.1 pp.292-302, 2012
2012 Chien-Hung Chen、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福(Deng-Fwu Hwang), Species identification of Cyprinidae fish in Taiwan by FINS and PCReRFLP analysis, FOOD CONTROL, vol.28 no.2 pp.240-245, 2012
2011 張竣維(Hebron C. Chang)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), The covalent binding of genistein to the non-prosthetic-heme-moiety of bovine lactoperoxidase leads to enzymatic inactivation, BIOMEDICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, vol.24 no.3 pp.284-290, 2011
2011 葉彥宏(Yen-Hung Yeh)、謝宥諒(Hsieh You-Liang)、李雅婷(Ya-Ting Lee)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Protective effects of Cholestin against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats, CLINICAL NUTRITION, vol.6 no.6 pp.264-271, 2011
2010 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)*、張駿志(W. T. Chang)、張竣維(Hebron C. Chang)、謝宥諒(Hsieh You-Liang)、黃登福(D. F. Hwang), Puffer fish-based commercial fraud identification in a segment of cytochrome b region by PCR-RFLP analysis., FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.121 no.4 pp.1305-1311, 2010
2010 黃鈺茹(Huang, Y. R)、Liu, K. J、謝宏昇(Hsieh H. S.)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃登福(Hwang, D. F.)、蔡永祥(Tsai, Y. H), Histamine level and histamine-forming bacteria in dried fish products sold in Penghu Island of Taiwan, FOOD CONTROL, vol.21 no.9 pp.1234-1239, 2010
2009 張駿志(W. T. Chang)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、謝宏昇(Hsieh H. S.)、陳錦樹(C. Chen), Conversion of crude chitosan to an anti-fungal protease by Bacillus cereus, WORLD JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol.25 no.3 pp.375-382, 2009
2009 蔡維隆(W. L. Tsai)、陳鴻鳴(H. M. Chen)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、林文風(W. F. Lin)、黃登福(D. F. Hwang), A potential methodology for differentiation of ciguatoxin-carrying species of moray eel, FOOD CONTROL, vol.20 no.6 pp.575-579, 2009
2009 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、黃耿琳(Ken-Lin Hwang)、李明明(Min-Min Lee)、連啟勛(Chi-Hsun Lan)、林文風(Wen-Feng Lin)、黃登福(Deng-Fwu Hwang), Species identification of ciguatoxin-carrying grouper implicated in food poisoning, JOURNAL OF FOOD PROTECTION, vol.72 no.11 pp.2375-2379, 2009
2008 吳雅蓉(Y. J. Wu)、謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、陳鴻鳴(H. M. Chen)、黃登福(D. F. Hwang), Identification of six common species of processed filefish using cytochrome b gene sequence and PCR-RFLP analysis, RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY, vol.19 no.12 pp.151-158, 2008
Year Book Title
2007 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), 科學發展月刊, 行政院國家科學委員會, Dec. 2007
2005 游銅錫、郭嘉信、劉建功、葉彥宏, 食品添加物, 華格那企業有限公司, Feb. 2005
Date of Publication Paper Title
2013.03 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Liquid Chromatography, Tandem Mass Spectrometry Determination of the TTX Derivatives Produced from Bacteria in Gastropod Oliva hirasei - The 5th UCAS Postgraduate Symposium, Mar. 2013, 海洋大學
2013.03 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Seasonal Characteristics of TTX, Produced Bacteria in Gastropod Oliva hirasei - International Conference on Challenges in Aquatic Science, Mar. 2013, 海洋大學
2012.11 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Liquid Chromatography , Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method to Identify Tetrodotoxin and TTX Derivatives Produced from Bacteria in Gastropod Oliva hirasei - 台灣食品科學技術年會, Nov. 2012, 輔仁大學
2012.03 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Protective effects of Cholestin against carbon tetrachloride, induced hepatotoxicity in rats - 生物醫學聯合發表會, Mar. 2012, 台北國防醫學院
2011.11 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), Ocimum gratissimum L. alleviates the IL, 6 mediated cardiac hypertrophy in hypercholesterol-fed hamsters - 兩校合作學術研討會, Nov. 2011, 亞洲大學
2010.12 Sequencing the complete mitochondrial genome of the unedible pufferfish, Lagocephalus lunaris , 台灣食品科學技術年會, Dec. 2010, 中興大學
2010.12 張翔喻, Identification of pufferfish species by using realtime PCR (TaqMan Probe) , 台灣食品科學技術年會, Dec. 2010, 中興大學
2010.11 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh), TTX, producing bacteria isolated from the intestines of puffer fish collected around coastal waters of Taiwan - Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Marine Organism, Nov. 2010, 海洋大學
Project Title Participator Period
河魨毒生產菌暨產毒相關蛋白質或酵素之探討 (NSC 102-2313-B-468-002) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、謝宥諒(Hsieh H. S.)、謝宥諒(Hsieh H. S.) 2013.08 ~ 2014.07
Taiwan C萃取物活化GSK3-B阻斷B-catenin誘發口腔癌細胞T28轉移能力之分子機轉 (CMU101-ASIA-13) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、劉哲育、黃志揚(CHIH-YANG HUANG) 2013.06 ~ 2014.05
保護在地菇類農特產之食品生技安全性評估法建立 (101-asia-48) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh) 2013.02 ~ 2014.01
氣球擴張術傷害頸動脈誘發心肌細胞凋亡過程中心肌IGF-I存活訊息途徑代償機轉探討 (CMU100-ASIA-06) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、劉哲育、黃志揚(CHIH-YANG HUANG) 2012.05 ~ 2013.05
台灣產重要毒蟹、毒螺類及市售商品之real-time qPCR檢測法建立 (100-asia-17) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh) 2011.12 ~ 2012.11
Ocimum gratissmum L. alleviates the IL-6 mediated cardiac hypertrophy in hypercholesterol-fed hamsters (CMU99-ASIA) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、劉哲育、黃志揚(CHIH-YANG HUANG) 2011.03 ~ 2012.03
食品安全性研究-市售疑似偽製品之Real-Time PCR檢測法建立,TTX生產性海洋菌基因組圖譜分析暨TTX基因毒理探討 (100-A-10) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh) 2011.03 ~ 2012.02
食品安全性研究-河魨製品相關之基因定性定量研究與毒素之基因毒理探討 (NSC 98-2313-B-468-002 ) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、鄭朝安、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
食品安全性研究-河魨製品相關之基因定性定量研究與毒素之基因毒理探討 (NSC 98-2323-B-468-002) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
台灣產重要食用性剝皮魚之一般成分、呈味成分、脂肪酸分析、蛋白質特性及基因圖譜之探討 (NSC 96-2313-B-468-003-MY2) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、鄭朝安 2008.08 ~ 2009.07
台灣產重要食用性剝皮魚之一般成分、呈味成分、脂肪酸分析、蛋白質特性及基因圖譜之探討 (NSC 96-2313-B-468-003-MY2) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh)、楊雅甄(Ya-Chen Yang)、鄭朝安 2007.08 ~ 2008.07
食用性翻車魨、剝皮魚和箱魨之基因快速檢測法建立、粒線體基因圖譜演化相關性及毒性、毒成分探討 (NSC 95-2313-B-468 -001) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh) 2006.08 ~ 2007.07
台灣產重要河魨魚種完整粒線體基因組及粒線體基因組對熱加工適性之探討 (NSC 94-2313-B-468 -003) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh) 2005.08 ~ 2006.07
黑鯖河魨及毒鯖河魨粒線體基因組作為其加工製品鑑種指標之探討 (NSC 93-2313-B-468 -006) 謝承紘(Cheng-Hong Hsieh) 2004.12 ~ 2005.07
Award Name
Category Course Code Course Title Year
進修學士班 TF500225A 保健生物技術 112
大學日間部 TF310033A 文獻選讀 112
大學日間部 TF320110C 學輔時間(三) 112
Year Research Title Authors
099 台灣產重要河魨及其加工品之real time PCR檢測法建立 張翔喻
098 旗魚加工品基因定量法技術開發之探討 吳思敏
098 河魨毒生產菌產毒能力與基因圖譜資料建立之探討 林春蘭
097 台灣市售常見單棘魨之蛋白質圖譜生物多樣性分析法建立 趙彥清
096 台灣產重要食用棘河魨及其加工製品DNA條碼-COI及Cyt b基因圖譜之探討 陳建宏
095 利用基因技術鑑定台灣珊瑚礁魚類笛鯛魚種之探討 黃耿琳