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Professional Classroom


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Facility Introduction


Cosmetic modulation and analytic Laboratory  H104


In support of cosmetic modulation experiment and analytical inspection courses, teaching students to understand the production of cosmetic and other research alike

Programmable variable temperature oven, Ultraviolet Spectrometer, High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS), Visible Spectrophotometer, Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), Microscope, Viscosity tester, Centrifuge, Homogenizer, pH meter, mechanical emulsifier, multi-functional skin detector, powder pressing device, skin pH tester, Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)


Food Analytical Laboratory H105


Instruct student to do food analytical experiment and medicine dispense

Oven, Ashing furnace, Thermal analyzer, Infrared moisture analyzer, water activity, L,a,b oximeter, Kjeldahl nitrogen&physical tester, concentrator, suction filter, freeze dryer, pH meter, Freezer at -20℃, refrigerator 


Biochemistry Laboratory H206


In support of biochemistry laboratory classes

Tissue cell culture hoods x2, Incubator x2, rotary shaker x9, Benchtop centrifuge x5, pH meter x13, stirplate x13, balance, 4-deg Refrig x2, -20 deg Freezer, Ice maker, Spectrophotometer, Nanodrop meter, ELISA reader, PCR machine x2, Centrifuge, Gel imager, Atomic absorption analyzer, Fluorescent microscope


Biology Laboratory/ Microbiology Laboratory H306


In support of biology, microbiology, and health natural supplement laboratory courses

Refrigerator, plant growth chamber, Sterile console, cell incubator, specimen display cabinets, fume cupboards, microscopes, teaching grade upright microscope including imaging systems , and other biological experiments related equipment.


Chemistry Laboratory H407


In support of chemistry lab and organic chemistry lab courses

Oven, blender, pH meter, concentrator, freezer, and ice maker.


Health Food Development Laboratory H415


In support of cancer, diabetes, and whitening technology research, to aid in active ingredient extraction, utilization 

Freezers at -80℃, Freezers at -20℃ refrigerator at 4℃, pH meter, precision weighing scales, full wavelength ELISA plate reader, luminescent image analyzer, sterile console, incubator, inverted microscope, centrifuges, cell counters and other equipments.


Cells and Food Science Laboratory H508


Perform research in health food, antioxidant Chinese medicine, anti-aging natural plants, and mycotoxins.  Health risk assessment, sport medicine and experiment alike.

Cleanroom, CO2 incubator, sterile console, UV light, pipette, centrifuge, refrigerator at 4℃.


Genomic Research Laborator H514


In support of genomic research in food for master students.

Refrigerator, horizontal freezers, upright freezer, PCR reactor, centrifuge, spectrophotometer, illuminometer, Rea-Time PCR reactor, flow cytometry, film camera systems, water machine, temperature controlled medicine storage cabinets , balance


Biological Technology Research Laboratory H516


In support of Toxic herbal analysis, tissue culture, mycotoxin analysis, analysis of anti-inflammatory Squalene, alkaloids analysis, edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation and functional component analysis, functional analysis and development of plant roots, and other reseach for instructors.

Water bath, oven, hot plate, vibration machine, ultrasonic shaker at -80 ℃, -20 ℃ refrigerator, 4 ℃ refrigerator, pH meter, precision weighing scales, sterile console, film camera systems, etc.


Makeup Classroom 800B


In support of beauty principle and technique courses

Dressing tables, water basin, projectors


Skincare Classrom H003


In support of beauty principle and technique courses

Beauty bed, steaming face device, sterilization box


New Trainee Kitchens K001, K002


In support of experiments such as nutrition, dietary plan, clinical nutrition, preparation of food in large quantity, and baking. 

Independent kitchen counters, stoves, range hoods, freezers, refrigerator, ice maker, tool cabinets, ovens, electronic scales, juice machine, RO reverse osmosis water systems, etc.


Old Trainee Kitchens 7001, 7002, 7003


In support of food processing laboratory courses

Refrigerator, oven, blender, ice cream machine, fermentation tank, countertops, working tables, gas stoves, range hood, reverse osmosis equipment, sealing machine, beater, smasher , hot air dryer, retort, homogenization machine, meat grinder, viscometer, vacuum packing machine, pH meter, balance


Chinese Medicine Processing Laboratory 7004


For students to do specialized lab experiments

1.Through introduction of prescription that is commonly used in many clinical practice, students can have basic knowledge of health pharmaceutics

2.Experiments can help student to understand the process and method of scientific experiment systematically, to combined the theoretical and practical knowledge, leading them to know the existing prescriptions.  Use the method of modern technology to prepare the traditional prescriptions, students will be able to learn how to make Ziyun cream, LDB, concentrated medicine, centipede ointment, and other old Chinese medicine.

Brass mortar and pestle, 100-mesh asbestos sieve, Chinese medicine pill machine pan and shovel, large steel cup, iron plate, North shear, South shear, Gui-knife, cutting board, the steamer 30cm iron clamp, skillet