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Features of our courses


Features of undergraduate courses


(Healthcare nutrition)

 Physiology, Biochemistry, Public hygiene in nutrition

(Food science)

Food gene identification technology, food processing technology, Transgenic food technology, Assessment in the safety and effectiveness of food supplements, Nano material research, Assessment in effectiveness of beauty supplements.


Research and develop pharmaceutical graded herbal skincare product, and analysis of active ingredients

Internship Plan

To encourage our student to apply their learning in schools into practice, and have chance to experience the professional units of their related fields, thus build more understanding and identity of their professions, we provide “professional internship” courses as a requirement course. There are 3 categories: Nutrition and Healthcare, Food service, and Home Care. Students generally take internships courses during the summer vacation before their fourth year.  They can also arrange other time by the nature of the internship units. Our faculty set a “Professional practice implementation guideline” in accordance to the dietitian license exam, to plan “clinical nutrition internship”, “food management internship”, “community nutrition internship”.

We categorized our internship units into “clinical nutrition internship”, “food management internship”, and “community nutrition internship”. We sign agreements with internship units in order to increase the capability of our students to obtain license, as well as to strengthen their competitiveness in their future careers.  We also provide students internship during summer vacation.  Students can apply theories learnt at school in real life situation, and experience the job market ahead of time.